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Superior EMS institute is dedicated to providing the best training available through dynamic, hands on first aid training delivered by health care & health and safety professionals who are front line emergency workers with real-life experience to help you learn first aid in an interactive environment.

Many first aid programs are delivered by individuals who are not professional responders who have never been involved in a real medical emergency. What sets us apart is that our instructor's draw upon their own extensive experiences to cut through the theory and ensure you get the information you need to save a life.

Superior Emergency Services training division has extensive experience in delivering first aid training programs to the public, as well as designing customized courses for workplaces based on your specific needs. Contact us today for an individual quotation, and to discuss how we can customize a program for your facility.

Our first aid and CPR programs are WSIB Approved, and our programs are proudly developed and delivered in the Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding area.​​​​​​​


First Aid, CPR & 
AED Training


Emergency Care



Professional Development Courses

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Wilderness Emergency Care


Babysitters Course


N95 Mask Fit

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