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Emergency Care Courses

Superior Emergency Services offers advanced level first aid training, which provides additional emergency skills for emergency services professionals, volunteers, as well as industrial sites. These programs are delivered by experienced emergency services professionals who have extensive field experience.​​


Oxygen & Airway Management

This course is designed for targeted responders who are interested in epanding their emergency care skills to include the administration of oxygen, and the insertion of airway adjuncts to protect the patients airway during a cardiac arrest.  This can be combined with BLS CPR.  We have state of the art mannequins providing a realistic airway insertion expeirence. 

Medical First Responder


The first responder program introduces participants to advanced first aid techniques, advanced patient assessment, introductory anatomy and physiology, oxygen administration, child birth, advanced immobilization techniques including spinal boarding and more!

40-44 hours

16 Hour Course

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Emergency Medical Responder


The EMR program is tailored to emergency responders including professionals and volunteers focusing on advanced physical assessment, immobilization including spinal boarding, scoop stretchers, traction splints and more. This course also covers the principles of patient transportation and movement of patients utilizing various stretchers and equipment


Approx. 100 hours

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