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Event Medicine/EMS

Superior EMS is the leading provider of event medical services. We look after events of all types and sizes – local sports games, communityevents, equestrian events, marathons, air shows, motor racing, international sports tournaments, boat racing, concerts, festivals, parades, agricultural shows and more.  ​​


As an event organizer, you have both the legal and moral responsibility to ensure people attending your event are safe and that the venue is secure. This obligation includes the safety of: staff, participants, spectators, volunteers, officials, media and the general public.


When you have professional medical services at your event, emergency response times are minimized significantly, many conditions can be treated and released right on-scene by professionals reducing the need for strain on the municipal paramedic services and hospital, ensures compliance with your insurance requirements, and reduces potential disruptions at your event and lessens the chance of negative publicity.


Superior EMS is a non-governmental emergency service that provides professional level staffing using the best quality equipment, established emergency medical principles, and up-to-date practice standards. We are one of the few companies in Ontario that has a medical oversight program giving us the ability to deliver emergency medications and other emergency procedures that can make the difference between life and death.


We pride ourselves on working with event organizers to assess the specific needs for your event and provide you with the most cost effective solution for emergency services coverage.


Our staff are experienced in providing services at movie sets, concerts, motocross and stock car races, sporting events and more. Superior EMS works with you to ensure a custom and cost effective event EMS services are delivered at your event.

We maintain a very intense quality assurance program, with frequent staff training and testing to ensure we are ready to respond to any emergency that may occur.


By having an effective, and experienced medical service at your event, you can minimize the risks and ensure your attendees get immediate medical attention if they need it.


Here are some facts related to risks at events:

  • Large crowds increase the risk for injury significantly.

  • By their nature, sporting events have risk of serious injury.

  • Any event where alcohol is being served has a higher risk of injury.

  • Weather can have a major impact on the injury rate.

  • Certain events (i.e. motorsports, concerts, large gatherings) carry a higher risk of injury/illness.


Superior EMS is the most experienced event medicine service in the Algoma region, and is the only service capable of delivering professional level medical services.


Medical Service Tips for Event Organizers

  • In environments of limited health care resources, the sooner an injured or ill person is treated, the better chance of their recovery.

  • Medical services should be provided for the entire event, including setup, and breakdown of the event if it is a large scale or dangerous operation.

  • Medical services may also be needed for attendees queuing to get in and out of the event. e If the event is multi-day with attendees camping overnight, you may need around the clock medical services.

  • The medical team needs to be located carefully throughout your event to ensure response times are minimized.

  • Provide information about the location of medical facilities to attendees. Use signs and print the information on any maps, websites, or other materials.

  • All event staff should be aware of the closest medical team to them

  • External resources including municipal paramedics, fire department, police and other resources need clear access in and out of the venue, especially a direct route to the on-site medical services.

  • Large crowds or difficult to access events may require medics on foot, utility response vehicles, and bike response teams in order for timely access and transport to the on-site medical facility

  • Know the difference between first aid and medical services and the impact it may have onsomeones survival and quality of care received at your event.

Superior EMS has the resources, and the knowledge to provide your event with the level of service you need, and consult with your emergency planning.


Superior EMS is not an ambulance service, we are a non-governmental event EMS service.  We do not provide emergency response outside of the events we cover, and do not transport emergency patients to the hospital.  We provide on-site​ services.

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