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Once you have completed your training, you will receive a certificate either in person or by email showing you have completed your course.  i

Temporary Certificate

A temporary certificate may be issued by the instructor the day of the course and is valid for 90 days until your printed or emailed copy is made available. 


Certificates are typically issued the day of the course, or emailed after the course has been submitted to the main office.  We strive to ensure you receive your card within 5 business days of when the roster is submitted to the main office. 

Training Partners

If the course was completed by one of our training partners, please submit your certificate inquiries directly to the training partner. 

Certificate Re-Prints, Changes, etc.

To request a re-print for a lost card, or to request a correction of an error on your card

Please note that the estimated timelines are on the form, we regretfully cannot provide updates on your request once submitted as this delays us being able to process your request.  If you do not receive your request within the timeline please contact customer service. 

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