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Patient Transfers

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Superior EMS patient transfer services is the Algoma regions source for patient transportation needs.  Our mission is to provide high quality patient transportation to ensure you have better access to the health care needs in our community. Our professional transport teams are able to provide transport for: infants, children, adults, disabled and frail passengers, as well as individuals receiving cancer treatment and dialysis. ​


Unlike many other medical transportation companies, Superior EMS is equipped with the most advanced equipment to meet your needs.  This includes power stair-chair stretchers to transport you safely and comfortablly up and down the stairs with ease, as well as the latest power-lift stretchers to ensure a smooth transition into the vehicle.  Our vehicles are Mercedes-Sprinters with air-suspension systems reducing discomfort during transportation due to road conditions.  


Our vehicles are staffed by experienced paramedicine professionals at all times, which ensures that in the event of any type of situation you will receive the appropriate care until we hand over care to the municipal paramedic service.  Our vehicles are equipped voluntarily to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's Provincial Land Ambulance & Emergency Response Vehicle Standards as well as all equipment meets the Provincial Equipment Standards for Ontario Ambulance Services to ensure you are receiving the higest level of quality.  This inclues on-board oxygen, cardiac monitor/defibrillator, as well as emergency medications.  Our vehicles are always staffed to be able to provide full scope level of care in the event of an emergency. 


We provide local, regional, and provincial transportation to meet our clients needs, and are also able to provide PSW and Nurse escorts as needed for your transport needs. 


We prefer bookings at least 48 hours in advance, however will attempt to accommodate last minute requests. (this service is not for medical emergencies.  In a medical emergency dial 9-1-1).


Non Emergent Patient Transfers may be covered by your insurance company, ODSP, and other funding services.  Clients are invoiced directly for services unless pre-authorized by an organization paying on your behalf.  


1-Way Transfer

Includes bedside-to-bedside patient transfer from one location to another. 


City Limits

$115.00 + HST

Algoma Region 

$115.00+ HST +


Outside Algoma Region 

Please contact us for a quote


Fuel Surcharge per KM based on weekly rate.  

2-Way Transfer

Includes bedside-to-bedside patient transfer including a return trip and 30 minutes of wait time. 


City Limits

$179.00 + HST


Algoma Region 

$179.00+ HST +



Outside Algoma Region 

Please contact us for a quote



$1.25/min for longer wait times

Fuel Surcharge per KM based on weekly rate.  

Payment Information

The base fee and fuel surcharge is due within 24 hours of booking.  Any bookings not paid within 24 hours of being booked will automatically be cancelled. 

Payment can be made online or in person (instructions provided on the invoice).  

Any wait time charges, or additional charges will be invoiced after the transfer and are due upon receipt. 

Current Fuel Surcharge - $0.57/km


Distance Measurements - Distances are not measured from the pickup point, to the destination there are a number of factors we must consider, as a result the measurements are based on: (1) Distance from our base to the pickup location; (2) Distance from the pickup location to the destination; (3) distance from the destination to the return pickup location (if a 2 way transfer); (4) return to the base from final drop off destination. 

City limits are: Baseline Road, 4th Line, and the Hwy 17 turnoff.  

Algoma region is: Elliot Lake, Blind River, Bruce Mines, Thessalon, Iron Bridge, Desbrats, Laird, Echo Bay, Prince, St. Joseph Island,  Tarbutt and Surrounding communities. 


One Way Transfer - a 1-way transfer is defined as a transfer where the patient is picked up at one location, and transferred to another, where the patient is either staying at the location permanently or if  the patient is saying at the location longer than 3 hours, and then requiring a return.


Two Way Transfer - a 2-way transfer is defined as a transfer where the patient is being picked up, and then returned to their original destination within a 2 hour time frame.  Additional fees are charged for wait times exceeding 2 hours.   If you are aware ahead of time that the transfer will exceed 2 hours, then it will be booked as two 1-way transfers.


Holiday Charges - A surcharge of 50% of the base fee is applicable during holiday transfers realted to all costs associated with the booking.  


Additional fees apply for specialty transfers including medically supervised transfers, our oxygen use, etc.  Please contact the dispatch centre for specific pricing.  


Weight Capacity - Regretfully due to the inability to secure assistance of the municipal fire department for lift assists in the situation a patient exceeds 250lbs we are unable to provide transport services in this situation in City Limits.  Please contact the municipal paramedic service at 705-256-5621 for your needs.  Outside of city limits, please contact us to confirm if we have the ability to provide services.  If our crews arrive and the patient exceeds safe lifting standards, we will be required to call the municipal paramedics to complete the transfer, the standard booking charge will still apply.  

For a quote on our transfer service please complete the request form by clicking here! 


All new patients are required to complete a brief online intake form at: 


Please Note

As of October 1, 2021 we have had to add a fuel surcharge onto our base rates due to the ongoing significant increases in fuel costs recently.  This surcharge is added based on the # of KM of the trip and is based around the current fuel cost.  


Please ensure you review all terms and conditions for booking. 

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