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Staff Recognition Program

Superior EMS values its employees and celebrates the contributions everyone makes to our company!  We are pleased to have developed a staff recognition program rewarding the time you have committed to our company and for when you go above and beyond to support our efforts! 


Every time you work a shift, attend staff training, or other related Superior EMS activities you receive tokens that can be used to secure cool gear, tech and other items

1 Hour = 1 Token

Attend staff training get 50% additional points on top of the 1 hour = 1 token

5 Star Google Review = 5 Tokens

Sell a Product or Service = 1 Token of every $25

Volunteer for staff training as a patient = 50 Tokens

Standardized Patient for Tutoring Program = 150 Tokens


We believe firmly in recognizing those who support us! 

There are a number of areas where you can get bonus tokens as well as 
bonus recognition items based on your performance, and support to the company! 

This ranges from positive customer reviews, going above and beyond, annual bonuses for 
remaining an employee, and for attending staff training events! 

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Current Values

Current Bonuses! 

Current as of: May 15, 2024

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